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Weather Policy

Bounce Time Weather Policy

Caution and Safety must ALWAYS play a part in our decision of whether or not to set up due to certain weather conditions. Therefore, these rules are hard-and-fast; never to be deviated from. They are strong guidelines in which we use to sometimes make tough calls that may possibly affect your event.

Please know that we always make decisions with the utmost concern for you, your children/guests, and our team member Safety and Satisfaction. WE WILL CONTACT YOU IN ADVANCE AND WE WILL KEEP IN TOUCH IF WE HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT THE WEATHER THE DAY OF YOUR EVENT. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

We recommend having a secondary plan in the event any of these weather conditions are in the forecast for the day of your event:

-Rain chances are 70% or greater for most of that day 

-Temperatures outside are below 50 degrees.

-Wind speeds/gusts are 15mph or higher

If any of these conditions are in the forecast and/or present, we would be unable to deliver ANY equipment for ANY outdoor event.

What if it Rains?

If you do NOT cancel by 6pm the evening before your event and the rain chances are below 70% please plan on having your inflatable delivered. (We know that the weather in Kentucky is unpredictable and we always do our BEST to make any arrangements we can so we do NOT have to cancel your rentals with us). 

Once the unit(s) is set up, the FULL rental price for the day is due. Rain checks/refunds will not be provided.

We CANNOT delay your delivery time in hopes of the rain stopping. This puts a lot of stress on our team and causes a big delay on other customers reservations.

Example scenarios: If we set up your inflatable in the morning and the weather forecast has changed and rain is on the way before your event end time, our team IS instructed to arrive to your event to take down our equipment BEFORE the rain starts (if possible).


If it is raining in the morning but the afternoon will be sunny and dry, if our schedule for the day allows for some wiggle room, we can deliver your rental after the rain has stopped. **We are willing to work with you as LONG as our schedule allows for it.**

What is too Cold?

In Late Fall, Winter and Early Spring (typically November-mid April) the temperature must be 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher before we can deliver any outdoor event, and we must pick up if the temperature falls below 50 degrees. 

If you receive your unit(s) and the temperature drops below 50 degrees, we ask that you turn the unit off and give us a call.

Cold temperatures cause the vinyl to get very hard and stiff (difficult to bounce on) and can lead to damaging the units. Damage to the units can result from the vinyl material becoming rigid and not flexible when jumping. It is also very difficult to pick up and roll vinyl inflatables in cold temperatures and our employees also become much more prone to injury when the temperatures get too cold.

What is too Windy?

In the Spring/Summer/Fall Season, wind speeds cannot exceed 15 mph and wind gusts must be considered as well.

Why are we concerned about the wind? This is strictly a safety issue. Even though we anchor your unit securely into the ground or provide sandbags when set up on pavement, excessive winds can create a real safety issue if they get too high. We must also consider wind chill during the late Fall/Winter/and early Spring months. If the temperatures are close to the minimum required temps and the winds are approaching the maximum allowable, we will need to cancel or end your event earlier than scheduled.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or would like to discuss our weather policy in more detail.

YOUR Safety and Satisfaction is our main concern.

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